Monday, February 8, 2010

Monster Snow Storm, and more on the way!

Last Wednesday our schools were closed, due to snow. And then, again, last Friday. Saturday proved to be a big day as far as snow goes...with about 2 feet of it. By now you've all undoubtedly read the accounts across the mid-Atlantic. Lots of evergreen trees are weighted down to the ground and I'm waiting to find out if there will be any long term damage. School was off today, and we recently got word they'll be closed again tomorrow.

Before I managed to get this post up about the big storm we just had, we are now bracing for another one! The prediction is for up to another 12 to 20 inches in our area! It's so incredible I can't seem to come up with words to describe it!

I've decided to attach a slide-show of my photos. I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

Our neighborhood roads have 1 lane plowed but until this morning, if you didn't have a 4-wheel drive you could forget about driving any place. Buses still can't get through, neither can walkers. This entire week may turn out to be a washout for our schools. We are very fortunate to have never lost our power, unlike millions in the region.  While damage from this past weekend's storm was from heavy, wet snow, this next storm is expected to have some high winds attached. The potential for more serious damage exists. My thoughts and prayers are with those already experiencing serious problems.

All this white stuff is making me want to create another rainbow post (thanks to Rebecca of In the Garden for that colorfully warm idea!). It's so nice to have pictures, and all of your blogs, to keep my spirits up. Here's something to warm you-it's from last year (March, I think) when I couldn't wait to start planting! It'll be a while before any planting takes place this year.

Now that you're all warmed up, why not go back and watch the slide-show one more time!! (Unless, of course, you are seeing the same thing right outside your own window!). *If you're REALLY hot, see my previous Snowy Post: There's Nothing Like Snow to Bring the Birds

NOTE: I've just added this post to the First Snowfall Project, sponsored by Nancy at the lovely blog, Soliloquy.

It's not our 'first' snow, but it's got to be one of our 'biggest'! If you haven't visited the First Snowfall Project, go on over and have a look at some other snowy posts from around the world. Thanks, Nancy.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to your participation in the Garden Bloggers Sustainable Living project and give away in recognition of Earth Day. Your posts may be linked here through March 1, 2010 to be eligible. Let's share how we all contribute to giving Thanks to Mother Earth!

--Today I am thankful for the beauty and wonder of snow.

Words and photos by Jan Huston DobleThanks For 2 Day.


  1. Hi Jan! Thanks for you're visit! I see you live in Va. also, by the looks & sound of it we might live pretty close!! Beautiful blog,& photos, & lots of useful info,always wonderful to find another lover of Nature!! :)
    Stay Warm ~more snow on the way! :(

  2. Jan,
    What beautiful photos. Can't believe you got so much snow! Remember your pitch fork makes a great snow shovel once the snow is iced up a bit.

    We got 8 inches 10 days ago and the shady hillside here still has 3 inches of snow on it.

  3. Jan, once again an incredible effort here to post your beautiful snow pictures. Well done. I cannot believe those pictures of the Mid-Atlantic regions. History making indeed. BTW, saw three bluebirds in my backyard which is a first for me after 14 years of feeding birds there. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi, Jan ~ I will just have to enjoy your slide show...which I did. I love the bird photos. 12- 20 inches more snow! We used to live in Denver and our boys would jump off our 2nd floor deck into the snow. They really miss it. :) Enjoyed your post...stay warm!

  5. Wow! That is incredible what you and everyone up there is going through. I feel we really dodged a bullet on this one with only buckets of rain and a little dusting.

  6. Glad you have not lost your power Jan! Wonderful snow pictures and your birds!! What joy and how important for them ... your feeding them especially when you have so much snow! Love your rainbow of pansies! Beautiful!

  7. I loved the slide show, Jan :) We're bracing for a hit tomorrow!

  8. Wow, you're really experiencing some amazing weather! Loved the slide show. Stay warm.

  9. Yeah, you guys really got hit. Remember to take a broom out and get the snow off those bushes before they get smothered. I hope you don't lose your power - we take it for granted but when it's gone, it's hard!

  10. We're finally supposed to have our first snowstorm of the season, but only 6-10 inches (which is more than we've had all season). Still envious of all your snow!!

  11. It's still snowing! :O I thought it stops snowing by Feb. I can imagine it's difficult not to be able to plant, but I hope it's over soon, coz I can't wait to see your colorful garden again!
    Keep warm....

  12. It seems like this amount of snow must be unusual for you. I can't believe how deep it is. The pictures are amazing. I think one of my favorites are the three Bluebirds huddled together on the branch. I hope there isn't too much damage from the snow or wind.

  13. Seems like this winter will be remembered for a long, long time. You've certainly got a lot of snow and we've also got more much more than our usual share.

    Hope the storms won't hit you too bad!

  14. we watch on TV your heavy snow. I guess the happiest are the children who have snow fights and don't have to go to school.

    I don't mind a few days off school myself.

  15. I hope everyone is safe and sound after the storms.
    Those photos are truly amazing Jan, sitting here on the other side of the world in late summer they seem so other-worldly. Heidi.

  16. Jan - that is just TOO MUCH snow! A little is pretty, but that's dangerous for sure. Your little bird friends are really appreciating the food source.

    Take care with this next one - high winds here, too. Thank goodness we're south of the snowstorm.

    Be safe! Stay warm!

  17. Ready for the next one? I was just reading the list of record snowfalls for Dulles. I've been here for 7 out of 13 (including last weekend's storm which isn't yet on the NWS webpage). So I should be used to this, right? (not)

    Let's hope for a warmup and then on to spring!

  18. Wow! That is really a lot of snow. Can make a whole family of snowmen!

  19. Good grief girl your snow seems to make our foot look to be nothing. I have been hearing the reports of your big snow. Our trees are bowing down too and so far the electricity has no went off from falling trees and limbs.With more coming in all day today that may change.

    That poor Robin looks like it thinks it came to the wrong state this winter. Poor Bluebirds all hunkered together from the cold and snow.Maybe in the end it will leave as fast as it came.
    Take care in all this mess.

  20. Hi Jan

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your slide show is great! Sorry to read you are getting so much snow. Send some up our way for the Olympics :) Keep warm and safe.

  21. Hi Jan, those poor trees bent over under the weight of all that snow. And the poor birds. The bluebirds and robins must be especially miserable.

    We are getting buried under another foot today and tomorrow. Enough!!!

  22. What a wonderful slide show Jan. I've never put one of those together so I don't know how long it took but you've given us so many beautiful photos to look at. I like the three bluebirds huddled together too. Poor things. I can't believe the amount of snow you've gotten. I have family in Maryland and they are buried just like you with (exactly like you said) more on the way. It's unfreaking believeable. I hope the temperatures zoom up and start melting some of it soon. Meanwhile, thanks for the great shots, stay safe and hopefully the power will stay on.
    ps Enjoyed watching your amaryllis open too!

  23. you sure captured your storms effects with this show. It was grand to see and feel what you and so many others are going through. Our winter is light this year. So of course people are wondering what next year will be like or this summer even. Wishing you the best as the next storm comes. Lovely photos.

  24. Fantastic pictures! They make mine look like, well, blurred pictures of mud!

    I'm hoping we've seen the last of our snow. Today it's just bitterly cold!

  25. Thanks everyone! Kathleen, the slideshow was unbelievably easy...I just took some photos I'd uploaded to picassa and clicked the 'embed slideshow' link;-) It was my first time doing it and afterwards I wished I'd not included some of the photos. I went to take them out, but couldn't remove them without destroying the slideshow that was already linked to the blog. Live and learn!

  26. yes, more snow heading your way.
    i so like pansies...the colors are always so very cheerful :)

  27. Oh my goodness. Your photos are worth a thousand words. The mailbox really shows the scale of how deep the snow is. But, I must say that I love your pictures with the little birds the best. I hope you get through this next storm with your power intact and no major damage :^)

  28. Oh my, that is one deep snow you have there and yes, more on the way today! The Saint and I were planning a VA trip to visit his family this weekend but not so sure we will be able to make this one. I love the snow but too much of a good thing; (snow) is not so smart for traveling. Stay warm and safe…

  29. We're getting a big storm today and tomorrow too. Stay safe and warm!

  30. That is an awesome really depicts how much snow and have some great photos. I really hope you have copious amounts of soup and warm beverages around there. You are going to need it.

  31. What a wonderful slideshow! So beautiful but so much snow . Wow. The most I've ever seen all at once was 2' in PA (over 10 years ago Raleigh got a whopping amount of snow but we only got a foot here thank goodness). I love your bird shots, especially of the three bluebirds huddled together. I hope they made it through the storm OK; I'm sure they did, with the help the food and water you provide. You have such a marvelous eye for photography.

  32. Love love love the bird pics !!!
    The 3 snuggled together on the tree branch is toooo precious.
    Can't believe how much snow you got...and you had to be freezing your tush off taking the pics !
    Yes, more on the way.
    Snow days for the kids...they have to be happy.
    Will have to check for your next post.

  33. For someone who rarely sees snow, the slideshow is a great treat. i especially liked all thew bird photos. I understand the potential for danger this kind of storm brings. I hope you all remain warm and safe.

  34. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I hope warm weather comes your way soon. Also, thanks for taking care of all those beautiful birds in that kind of weather. I feel so sorry for them, especially the 3 bluebirds huddled together and the robins.

  35. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for visiting the Cottage on the Corner on a snowy day. It's still snowing here and schools in the area are all ready cancelled for tomorrow. Yippeee!!!

    Loved the birds in your slide show.


  36. Oh wow, that's a lot of snow! Beautiful slideshow and great to see so many birds! Maybe with the sight of all that snow, i didn't expect to see them!

    Jan, thank you for visiting me. I was very touched by the comment you left and I've written a longish reply! I'm already thinking about your Garden Bloggers Sustainability Project. It'll be interesting to see/read about how bloggers give thanks to Mother Earth, as you put it.

    Take care!

  37. My goodness I picture speaks a thousand words eh? What a spectular sequence of greast photos. It would be impossible to describe that - I've never seen anything like it. Those conifers - wow and the 3 little birds all huddled up bet they're all in shock. So glad to see you are feeding them. My best wishes for the coming days - I hope you keep your heating and electric and can maintain your sanity. Is it too cruel to say the sun is shining here in Ireland?? It is cold though and a little frosty ;)xxx

  38. Hi Jan! I'm sorry I'm so slow in finding your link, but I'll put a link on the First Snowfall page right away. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for taking part. :)

  39. I'm sitting at home for the second day in a row, catching up on blog reading, because I can't get out of my driveway. However, after seeing all your photos, Jan, I won't complain--we had a measly 4-6 inches of snow. The mid-Atlantic states have been hit so hard this year with snow; I hope, too, that it doesn't cause too much long-term damage.

    The birds have been flocking to my feeders, too, with all this snow. Watching them is a great way to keep entertained when you're stuck at home. I love that photo of the three little birds huddled together next to the tree trunk--it makes me want to hand them a blanket, poor things!

  40. Jan, you've had a lot of snow! I must admit that I don't miss the northern winters!
    I wanted to submit my "Growing Green Festival" post to your contest. The link is . What a fun idea to host on your blog!!

  41. You pictures in the slide show are just gorgeous.
    I think we all have a love/hate relationship with the snow. I know I do. I love to see it falling and covering everything so beautiful when untouched. But it stops us from doing anything while it's visiting so then I just want it to go away.

  42. Hi Jan,
    Glad to see that you are working towards sustainability too. As your pictures show, we can't turn a blind eye to climate change.
    Here in Oregon, we haven't had the snow in the mountains that we need to keep from having a draught in summer (may we please have some of your snow?). Your slide show was beautiful and scary. Hope you don't have too much snow damage.

  43. What an incredible snow slideshow -- I could look at those bird photos again and again. One of my goals for the year is to start getting better bird shots. I just got a zoom lens, so I'm hopeful!

  44. Dear Jan, What you are experiencing is unimaginable and I do so feel for you. Although I am very used to heavy snow during the winter in Hungary, I have never seen anything like this on this scale. It is remarkable. I do hope that it does not cause too much damage or distress.

    Your 'slide show' is, from this side of the Atlantic, magical. And the pictures of the birds are wonderful. I do hope that they will be able to survive.

    Thank you so much for the 'Favourite'. It is most kind and much appreciated. This comes with my warmest wishes. E

  45. Jan - I love your slideshow! The birds look wonderful in the winter snowscape. I particularly like the one of the three birds all huddled up. That's precious. I've seen lots of hawks recently. I don't know if they've been drawn in recently, or if they've alwasy been around but I just never noticed because they've been camoflauged.

  46. Hi Jan, I just couldn't watch your snowfall slideshow. We continue to experience Winter weather here. ;-)

    However, the flower box is a rainbow in itself, isn't it?

    I hope you're getting a LOT of entries in your contest... mostly because it's gotten so many of us thinking of our Summer conservation, etc. plans! :-)

  47. Jan, just hunker down, and stay warm. This is a tremendous amount of snow.

    I think it is leftovers from last year. We got hit with over 2 feet, when a inch is remarkable.

    Good luck with the plows.


  48. Hi Jan - I thought I'd pop over to see what is happening in your corner of the world - amazing snow - makes the small amount we had here today look very pathetic... that's what I call REAL snow!! We were stuck in our house for a week in January and that is very unusual for Brittany, France... I've tried clicking on the link for the Sustainability Project and it doesn't seem to be working - can you let me know what I need to do! Many thanks Miranda

  49. I am so glad you did not lose power, Jan, with that amazing amount of snowfall, then another one right after. This winter is one for the books for sure. Your photos are breathtaking, but I hope the trees and shrubs were not permanently damaged. The link in the post did not work to get to your sustainable post. I will look elsewhere to find it. Just thought you might want to know about the link though.

  50. Wow.. that is tons of snow! Are those shrubs or trees leaning over from it?

  51. Hi Jan, While snow is pretty,that's when it's in moderation. By the sound of it you're getting some alarming wild weather. Glad you've not lost power. Must be horrendous when it's so cold. Cheers, catmint

  52. Jan, Wow! you really got blasted, but I dare say beautiful photos and slide presentation. Hopefully some of our 50 degrees will finally make its way east to you. Have a great weekend. Diana

  53. Jan girl .. I guess you have had enough of pretending you are
    "CANADIAN" ?? LOL .. that is a lot of snow and we are lucky here in Kingston not to have been dumped on like that : )
    I appreciated your comments on my last post .. I had no idea you had gone through so much. My heart goes out to you and I hope there is no trace of anything now .. and we can all be happy gardeners soon ? Take care ... Joy : )

  54. Hi Jan, I love your blue birds!! So amazing the amount you have there!! Great snow photos too! Just saw six here yesterday eating the rose hips ... Yes I will posting for your sustainable living post! Earth day... I am working on the post! I love your rainbow pansy photo!! ;>)

  55. Hi Jan Thanks for stopping by to see my butterflies I thought of you this morning and your lovely bird photos as I watched a variety of birds on our feeders.Some I had not seen there before. However our birds are not so colourful as yours are and I haven't managed to capture there pictures yet.

    Your slide show was amazing oh so much snow thank goodness ours has gone and we missed the last lot.

    I think the 54 comments prior to mine rather shows how much we all enjoy your blog, so it is good to see you back.

  56. Hi Jan, I am shocked by all the snow you are receiving. Just like the best of gardeners, however, you are out taking pictures of the birds - I love it!

    Great slideshow!

  57. This is unbelievable where you live! I would expect this more in Illinois where I am, but we have had a pretty normal winter, 13" the other day, but we are used to this.

    My friend in Aiken SC had four inches of snow!!!

  58. Thank you for stopping by my blog, you made me warm and some days that are needed here to - we have not have that much snow for over 25 years, Here in the south of Sweden.

    I love it!!!
    It has not been so many people here that have had experiencing serious problems and I am happy for that.
    I love when the snowstorm has passed and they have cleared all roads and the sun is shining and and the sky is blue.

    I have been watching birds a lot and found out more then 10 kinds I did not know before and yes to see the prints in the snow is fantastic.

    The photo you have with 3 birds sitting next to each other on the branch is so cute.

    I think you have a little more snow then we have. Here the school has only been closed for one day and that because it was so cooled that the cars did not want to start.

    Take care my friend and in a few weeks time I think that both you and I can stat planting that "rainbow" colored flowers outside.

    Love Maria Berg

  59. Your slide show is amazing! Love your colorful blog!!

    Happy thoughts!

  60. 59 comments ????? wow and so well deserved as your photography is awesome !! I love the 3 little birds hugged up to each other against the tree trunk.
    Your blog is lovely, I must visit more often. Visiting blogs takes time but it's so inspiring isn't it ?

  61. We can't wait for spring either! Our greenhouse are in full bedding plant production and the selling season starts in a very short time. Woo hoo!

  62. Hi, Jan

    Thanks for visiting me.
    I can see at your slide, that you have got alot of snow.
    We have got so much that my husband has been up on the roof of our house and taked away alot of snow it´s so heavy.

    I hope we don´t get anymore but the spring isn´t coming yet.

    Have a nice week

  63. Hi Jan, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm always delighted when readers who have some connection to the Mannheim area find me. Your blog is just beautiful, especially the bird pictures. The snow reminds me of my childhood in Minnesota. Even here in Germany we're having more snow than I can remember for a long time. It's fun at first, but then! Nice "meeting" you, Barbara



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